Picking a lock isn't as difficult as many believe.

This website offers you an excellent lock picking guide, plus videos
You'll be picking locks in no time!

Help Guides

This help guide is packed with tips and tricks to get you picking locks in no time. It is old but nothing has really beaten it.


We have trawled through the internet to find the most useful videos for you to learn from.

Where to buy lock picks

There are quite a few places to choose from so we list them by country.

Next look at these cool videos

3D Lock picking Video

This is a 3D Lockpick Tutorial. The 3D animations allow inside views that were never before possible.

Another 3D Video

This Video shows how to pick a lock with a tension wrench and a hook.

How to detect security pins

Lock picking can be difficult with some security features. This video shows you what happens when you encounter them and in my other video it shows you what to do.

How to bypass security pins

Security pins can be a pain. This video shows you how to bypass them. See our other video on how to spot them.

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