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How to pick a lock

The easy "how to guide" to lock picking

Welcome to Pick A Lock. The website showing you how easy it is to be able to pick a lock.

The first time you see that keyway turn is amazing. I started lock picking a couple of years ago and it is a great feeling when that tough, security-pinned lock suddenly turns and unlocks.

There is skill in lock picking but most people can pick their first lock after only an hour or so. Pin tumbler locks are the most common type of lock to pick and it is one you see in many front doors. The security on them vary but after a very short time of practising you'll quickly learn what differences there are in picking a lock with security pins. Because security pins will cause unusual things to happen you will quickly learn what has happened and how to bypass them.

The tools of the trade

You don't need to be a Locksmith to buy the tools anymore

Thankfully the internet has sprouted shops where you can buy the lock picks online without any qualification needed. The bests ones out there are:

UK Suppliers

» DevonLocks.com
» DevonLocks.co.uk (Different shopping cart)
» Locksmith Tools

EU Suppliers

» Multipick


» Southord.Com